The reliable water damage prevention solution

NOWA System water sensor master unitNOWA® is the most advanced system on the market for detecting and stopping water leaks. In case of a water infiltration, the NOWA® system will detect it, trigger an alarm, shut off the main water valve, and notify your security system. This operation is done within seconds and the leak is stopped. The damage is limited to a little a bit of water on the floor that can be easily wiped. (watch the video)

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Insurance claims for water damages now exceed fire and theft claims. Also, more than half of these claims have to do with damages due to pipe breaks caused by wear and tear, frost, or defects.

5 good reasons to protect your home with NOWA®:

  1. Protect irreplaceable belongings by putting an end to water damages.
  2. Travel in peace or protect a second residence during your absence from damages that are often caused by frozen pipes.
  3. Prevent health problems, allergies, etc., caused by fungus due to water infiltration.
  4. NOWA® will notify you of any water damage and when connected to a central it will send you a remote alert.
  5. Home insurances:
    • Many insurers offer premium discounts
    • Even if you are insured, certain losses (e.g. photo albums, computer archives) are simply irrecoverable.

Modern Design combined with flexible protection

The master module and the electric valve are the cornerstone of your Nowa system. You can compose a custom set, depending on your needs, adding wireless or wired detectors. You will be able to get all the desired protection. Once your system is installed and activated, if you realize that your protection is not enough, you can easily add additional sensors!

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Also available in White!


Small and easily concealable, the mini probe sensor fits easily into tight spaces. With its wire 1.5m (5 feet), it connects to a wireless sensor in order to widen the detection area and to limit the visual impact.Mini montage



Mini Probe Sensor







Ideal for the water heater! The perimeter sensor cable detects water over its entire length (8ft-2,5m). It can be installed along a wall, piping, under appliances, etc. It connects easily to a wireless sensor to transmit the signal leakage or directly to the master module.

perimeter sensor cable



Bouteille NowaNoteworthy features include:

  • A normally closed type valve which shuts off the water in case of a power outage
  • An integrated low temperature sensor
  • A well-appreciated design
  • Distinctive sound alarms that indicate the source of the water leak

Battery replacement

The NOWA® technology is designed so that the batteries remain in standby until the NOWA® system detects a leakage. The battery life is equivalent to that specified by the manufacturer.

In case of power outage

The NOWA® system automatically shuts down and close the valve until the power comes back. If the outage persists, it is possible to manually reopen the water supply. Simply pull and turn the white button located on the actuator. Push down in original position when done. When power is restored, the actuator will automatically retake control of the valve.

Low temperarure sensor

While you are away, NOWA® protects against burst pipes and water leaks caused by cold weather. An integrated low temperature sensor in the master unit automatically shuts off the water supply via the NOWA® valve when it detects that the ambient temperature in your home drops below 5 °C.(41F)

Alarm contacts

The master unit can be connected to your home alarm system with its inbuilt “Alarm” contact (Type: Dry contact 1Amps 30Vdc N.O.)

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