Aqua-Protec™: an ingenious balloon-type backwater valve!

Aqua-Protec™ from Inflotrolix is the only sealing system for sanitary and storm sewers that automatically activates itself. It consists of a wall-mounted microelectronics control panel and a sounding  balloon, the retractable pneumatic sealing module (RPSM). The inflatable balloon is equipped with sophisticated sensors designed to detect backflows and automatically seal off sanitary and sewer pipes.

Aqua-Protec™ to the Rescue!

Déploiement ballonThe sensors in the balloon detect a sewage backflow in seconds. They then trigger the inflation process, effectively sealing off the discharge pipe. An alarm and a backlit screen on the control panel warn the occupants of the situation. Aqua-Protec™ remains inflated for the entire duration of the backflow. Once the backflow subsides, the balloon automatically deflates and settles into position, ready for the next time.

Once Aqua-Protec™ is positioned in the cleanout it is ready to block backflows without blocking the pipe. Therefore there is no risk that any debris might hinder its operation. (see the video)

Why Aqua-Protec™ ?

Sewer backflows are increasingly frequent, and the resulting damages are numerous and costly. This problem has multiple causes, and river banks are no longer the only hazard-prone areas: all municipalities in the country can now be affected. ( MRAT: Municipal Risk Assessment Tool – Insurance Bureau of Canada)

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5 good reasons to use Aqua-Protec™ to protect your home

  1. Always stay informed of the situation. Aqua-Protec™ is the only system that notifies you if a sewer backflow occurs plus, when connected to a home security system, it sends you a remote alert.
  2. Enjoy total peace of mind. Aqua-Protec™ monitors the situation 24/7, regardless of the quantities of water and the duration of the backflow.
  3. Preserve your investment. Aqua-Protec™ increases and maintain the resale value of a well-protected home.
  4. Prevent unpleasant surprises caused by a clogged sewer. Aqua-Protec™ can often detect situations where pipes are broken, frozen, or blocked by roots, debris, etc. Aqua-Protec™ can also help identify problems with plumbing or city waterworks (e.g.  cross connection or obstructions).
  5. Enjoy advantages with insurers:
    • Your insurer may offer a premium discount–inquire
    • A majority of insurance claims are filed by homeowners whose houses were already protected by a mechanical valve which became non-functional
    • Aqua-Protec™ helps maintain or reinstate your home insurance
    • Aqua-Protec™ can help you avoid losing your insurance coverage or paying higher premiums
    • Even if you are insured, certain losses (photo albums, computer archives, etc.) are irrecoverable

Why choose Aqua-Protec™?

Aqua-Protec™ is fully automated and requires no homeowner maintenance. It is designed to deploy in a timely way in order to ensure reliable protection of your home against sewer backflows.

Noteworthy features include:

  • A control panel equipped with a battery backup which supplies power for over a week in case of a power outage.
  • An alarm and a screen display alert that inform residents in case of a backflow.
  • Automatic weekly “self-checks” that ensures a level of reliability traditional valves cannot provide.
  • A highly competitive price, installation included, compared to the overall cost of installing mechanical valves.
  • When connected to the Nowa system, it automatically shuts off the main water valve of the building in case of a sewer backflow, thus eliminating the risk of flooding (see Nowa system details).

Awards and Special Mentions

Standards Council of Canada (January 2014)

scclogo_frThe Aqua-Protec™ innovation, an electro-pneumatic anti-backflow system, is selected for a Canada – U.S. standards pilot project in the plumbing and heating category.

CONTECH 2013 – Honorable mention, Innovation and Sustainable Development (November 2013)

kitBy preventing sewer backflows, Aqua-Protec™ makes it possible to avoid the production of waste incurred by the demolition and renovation of flooded basements. Since there are more than 55,000 sewer backflows a year in Canada and since each flooded bungalow generates 12 tonnes of waste, this would mean a waste reduction of some 660,000 tonnes. These numbers do not include the destructive potential of backflows in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

MCEE – 1st prize – New Product of the Year (April 2013)

Signature_winner_2013_MCEE(f_blanc)Aqua-Protec™ won the first New Product of the Year Award in the Piping, Fittings and Accessories category at MCEE, Canada’s largest plumbing, HVAC, hydronic, electricity and lighting exhibition.